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Ruffle = World-Security-Standard Oct-2022
Ruffle = no installation: never!!! Runs automatically everywhere ! ! !

HTML5 open PHP is dangerous: Ruffle is safe and most secure 3D PHP!

left: first create a peephole
with the loading bar and let yourself be checked by device so that
you can then scroll through the remote server vault room

The hologram builds up at 500K first, then but it's
always fast in the 600-page book!


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Democracy Supplement 1832 by Dr. kfm Lützenberger - Nationalrat bookwork by E. Lützenberger / EU bookwork - Rufflesafe bookwork 1832-2000-2032 both in the joint venture section

The last and probably largest of the series comes from my descendant Andreas Lützenberger and is exactly 1200 pages in the AS2 PHP hologram language in the world security standard from the consortium of mobile devices and operating systems for desktop PCs around the world, called Ruffle. That's why my book is called Ruffleshop. and dr Wyss has known since the pre-Christmas week that my project should be called "" until the spring of the trade fair. And so it was only 12 days ago that the new megastore in my row in the world sparkled so much because it still contained the common worldwide search queries such as "is Ruffle safe" or in German "is Ruffle safe" and I was there to talk and can answer.

My discoveries are serious. Also in the silicone design phase since May 2022 I reported to Dr. Wyss, I would have succumbed to the corona outbreak, then two hours later I proved to the employer, Silicon Valley in San Francisco, that a CMS in the ruffle is possible at that stage of development in September 2022. Then Silicon Valley galloped like a racehorse off into a home straight that I never hoped for. I was already happy last May 2022, when my Fabrik2 was able to take off again with the PHP Preprocessor™ product number 6, which I had cleaned and finely polished for years after the Womens-Swimmingclub (Preprocessor™ is my worldwide patent since the Swisscom Bonn entry 2019 and later at by me in Bern, and is actually the full description of the abbreviation PHP, which was only entered much later in Wikipedia, the server-side programming language for the mainframe systems in the hosting business such as at Swisscom or Cyon in Basel, I call them also hologram technology, since the collected data on the hosting server is projected like a hologram into the home office in the browser, but runs on the hosting server, i.e. only represents a projection, and so far of a mathematical nature, not graphical). The three browser scans were built in by the consortium separately on Apple iOS and Windows and Android Google in three of their browsers, most notably on the Edge with a double "strict" level 3 switch.

The switch is the mark of the security of the three browser levels, namely all browsers on all devices in the world. If this loads and the red bar moves from left to right, then Microsoft Windows, Apple iOS, Android OS scans all operating systems of all devices and signals with this red loading bar that we control the ruffle in Silicon Valley.

This is not the case with all other apps and software. It causes IT costs, updates and maintenance and repairs, DDoS etc. This is not the case with Ruffle. It is not third parties such as Internet security or IT teams or hosting teams who rummage around here, rather the device manufacturers personally rule in the browser. That's why I refer to it as an in-browser vault. A compartment, so to speak, where security does not have to be kept clean by third parties. It is the computer machines and smartphone operating system devices script internet securities themselves that are required to do so for global security.

So the IT and the advertising department is totally relieved. Ruffle is being manufactured under a rare printing license for the time being with new editors coming out in three years. Our Fabrik2 with three production lines and even more are possible. The end product are kernels (PHP per ruffle, so to speak), which, unlike PHP, are controlled. So Ruffle is much safer than everything that is in HTML5 in the browser on a website. Just a safe in a container raised within the homepage.

On December 24th, 2022, to my amazement, all installations for Ruffle were expanded. From then on it became the world standard and, most importantly, even in the offices. With updates from the consortium, everything is deleted from the IT programmers in the corporate IT. Over time, nobody has time to reprogram the security standard. He moves on to security, even to his own app development, which then has to learn how to produce the apps there. It's the turn to the zone of security and relief from the IT tinkering work that everyone loves to sit in their feathers. reported this week that Ruffle had to be installed everywhere in Germany. But that is not necessary. Over time, Silicon Valley locks out the old plugins and virus-prone cockpit tools, and then takes over this ruffle container itself for the business world without permission to interfere.

There is a reason for this. The vector page or graphics page could only be brought back with Ruffle. And I brought exactly the middle AS2-PHP Ruffleshop into the printing shop-graphic artist-3D world, which is so important due to the Internet world, since May 2022 with huge experience in the area as an EXE version and before that as A4 versions with the help of Silicon Valley step by step , hurdle after hurdle paralleling the twinkle until Christmas, when in fact there were two new Nokias from Microsoft in the mailbox, complementing the Apples and Androids. That's how it seemed to me when the three big gentlemen of the global brands Microsoft and Apple and Google Android Steve and Bill etc. should have put them in my mailbox themselves. Who knows, maybe that's how it was. In any case, I ordered these from the lower tiers, where you could hardly discover them, at the minimum price of just CHF 112.-

Photo above: here you can see the security loading bar, which also includes the security scan of the device manufacturer itself, and not just the loading time. Hence «processing...»



We come from Theresienstrasse below Ludwigshöhe, not far from Hambach Castle in 1832


We come from Theresienstraße below Ludwigshöhe, not far from Hambach Castle in 1832: In the Foreign Office we started pro-democracy movements for the supplements to the King's Official Gazette, the Queen walked down our street for the Reformed sermon, the King vice versa for the Catholic sermon , but my father designed a book for the Swiss about the accession of Switzerland to the EU, which did not come into the book trade, because the SVP movement still wants to kill me today, including Steiner's Daniels today's will to kill me via his teams and Langenthal. eu standing on every place-name sign, can be obtained via my corpse according to a letter from Steiner's STV4.